Voyager Nutrition’s Nomad Bag promotes UNI Packaging’s Digiflex solution and laser scoring expertise


At a glance


Customer:Voyager Nutrition (

Packaging:Stand-up bag



  • An innovative packaging solution aimed at people on the go, outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers.
  • Maximise product visibility, branding and consumer appeal with shelf stand-out appeal.
  • Variable data requirement to accommodate 20 recipes.
  • Environmentally efficient.


  • The stand-up bag is printed both in Digiflex and rotogravure and includes a scale on the inner sleeve to measure the right quantity of water to add for the recipe. It also has two laser cuts, one for opening, pouring the water and closing the bag, and another at the bottom that transforms the bag in to a plate to allow the meal to be eaten on the go.
  • The packaging - mostly made from paper and a PE/EVOH complex - helped reduce environmental impact. It can be incinerated in a camp fire without aluminium residue, leaving minimal waste that can be retrieved and thrown away.
  • UNI Packaging took charge of all the aspects of Voyager Nutrition’s packaging requirements from the outset through to a successful conclusion. Having invested heavily in digital print, UNI Packaging are able to provide their customers with range of benefits, including: technical durability, improved cost management, storage cost reductions on storage, the ability to react faster for more agile markets, traceability, and environmental impact reduction.

This innovative bag complements our performance packaging strategy perfectly, while reducing the overall carbon footprint,” said UNI Packaging’s Christophe Caresmel. “Creating innovative packaging for our customers, provides far reaching benefits for the brand and the end user.”