Digiflex solution proves ideal for seasonal product launch


At a glance


Customer:Althams Butchers, Lancashire (www.althamsbutchers.co.uk)

Packaging:Innovative 3-compartment pouch



  • A 3-compartment pouch with each separate pocket containing a different type of festive pork product in an attractive multipack format.
  • Maximise product visibility, branding and consumer appeal with eye-catching packaging.
  • Short run requirement of only 5000 units for a special, limited edition Christmas promotion.


Althams' sales manager, David Keating said: “The team at UNI Packaging were initially going to print on narrow web gravure, but given tight lead times a digital print option proved the best solution in terms of cost and time

The packs were successfully launched in Costco as a one-off promotion, the large pack face showcasing the products and story perfectly whilst the superb print quality of Digiflex enhanced the total on shelf presence further and provided improved consumer appeal.”


  • UNI Packaging’s Digiflex technology for flexible packaging, gives brands the opportunity to exploit a range of marketing opportunities. For Althams, the ability to produce incredibly short runs – as little as one pack – made Digiflex ideal for their seasonal promotional campaigns.
  • Printing variable data for product launches, special events or pack traceability, as well as the speed of turnaround for quick orders, enables brands to be reactive to market conditions.
  • Digiflex provides all the environmental advantages of on-demand digital printing with better targeted prints, no plate making and no make-ready waste. All of which reduces environmental impact in production and saves costs.