UNI Packaging, one of Europe’s most successful flexible packaging producer’s  digital capability, is powered by two HP Indigo 20000 digital presses. Providing a 30-inch (750mm) wide-web, the presses are capable of producing gravure-matching print in high definition up to seven colours (including white ink) on a wide range of substrates, including: Film (PET, BOPP, BOPA, PE), shrink film (PETG, PVC, OPS), paper, aluminium and biodegradable materials, in thicknesses from 10 to 250 microns, the solution provides consistent quality and flexibility for diverse packaging jobs.

Meeting and exceeding needs across twelve countries and growing, UNI Packaging’s remaining production capabilities include:

Printing up to 1200mm wide in up to 10 colours with in-line lamination. Narrow width smaller run capacity in up to 8 colours. Our presses allow for in-line web turning (allowing printing in-register of both sides of the film).

Printing up to 1350mm wide with an unlimited number of colours and in-line coating. Our presses allow for in-line web turning (allowing printing in-register of both sides of the film). All presses are gearless to allow for infinite repeat lengths.

Up to 7 layer co-extruded film structures to meet the technical requirements of our customers’ products.

Stand-up pouches, vacuum pouches, trapezoidal and tubular pouches. Additional options include: PlixPack®, zip re- closure, tear nick, euro hole, rounded corners, handle and macro perforation for steam cooking.


Quality output and high-performance technology are critical factors that drive the success of our business and the value we bring to our customers brands. We are excited by the business opportunities that we are able to pursue though our digital offering, and look forward to helping our customers to improve cycle time and speed to market, lower inventory and obsolescence and produce just-in-time, cost-effective short runs.


  • Creation of marketing launch options
  • Individualised, personalised and market responsive
  • Optimise supply chain
  • Improved production schedules
  • Reduced packaging waste
  • Product traceability
  • Instant approval on final substrate
  • Create and validate your design in real time

Digiflex’s integrated brand communication agency offers piece of mind that your packaging project will be delivered, to the highest standards, at every stage.

As brand communication and packaging specialists, Oui3 offer an in-depth knowledge of packaging design requirements and current food labelling standards, as well as innovative marketing and brand solutions to ensure your project has maximum impact.

From complex creative branding, to simple artwork alterations, this range of services is a valuable addition to Digiflex, allowing us to handle your project from idea to delivery.